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Hey there, party people. I've updated my Commission section with the new procedures that will be in effect the next time I open for orders. If you're thinking about wanting art from me in the future, please take a look, it's considerably different than it used to be:… (Prices and rules are there as well).

Everything's more section-y rather than paragraph-y, kind of, so hopefully it'll be easier to read.

Here's a run-down of what's changed:

1) I USED TO take orders by e-mail and make a waiting list, anywhere from 10 to 20 people long. You grabbed a spot, then you waited for it to come around.

NOW when I have openings, they will be through FA journals and begin at the time of sign-up. You claim a spot and start working right away, no wait period. Which brings us to.....


2) You USED TO have 30 days after you were notified that it was your turn to send a description and payment. The reason being that people often had to wait months or even years for their turn. Without knowing precisely when their turn would come up, it would only have been fair to give people time to get things together.

NOW you will have 10 days after you claim a spot to present both your description and first (or total, if under $100) payment. So please don't take a spot if you know you're too busy to work right away or if you know you won't have the money to spare in that time.

I should be available more often now so there's no reason you can't wait to claim an opening when you're prepared for it. If you cannot produce payment within 10 days you'll forfeit your spot.


3) I USED TO allow people to commission however many different projects they wanted as long as it fell under the $400 cap. 

NOW I'm asking you to choose only one project per sign-up. There is an updated menu through the link I've provided, hopefully it will be clear enough to understand, but please speak up if it's not.

The $400 limit is still in place, and a single Option may have more than one picture, but all art must be for the same story or idea (except for characters without backgrounds; they don't have to be related but are limited to 6).

For example, a person might want a 5 page line-art comic about Teen Titans. That would be fine, it's all one story and costs less than $400. However, if the person asked for 2 pages about Teen Titans and 3 for a Justice League story, I would ask him to choose one or the other. The reason for this is to help commissions run more smoothly and quickly in the hopes that I will have more openings. By keeping to a single project, you'll only be supplying one description and we'll only be going through the discussion/price-quote phase once. You are, naturally, more than welcome to claim another spot in the future if you'd like another project.

So, I may not handle commissions like this long term, but for now I'm going to see how it works. If you have any questions feel free to voice them, but do me a favor and look through my site info first, it's pretty thorough.



Places where I post art:

My site: : personal work and commissions; G-R

My Tumblr: : personal work; G-R

Duoradon on DeviantArt: : personal work and commissions; G-R

Squeakie on FurAffinity: : personal work, mostly commissions; G-XXX
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Duo Radon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Name: Radon, Duo

Age: 38
Height: 208 cm

Weight: 145 kg

Eyes: green/yellow

Previous Occupation: meat cutter

Partnered: yes

Children: none

Notes: uncooperative, argumentative, repeatedly requested a cavity search

Current Residence: Patakatifu

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